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  1. Setex

    Technical Services and International Trade

    SETEX has over 25 years of tradition and experience in projects and systems in the area of Satellite Communication and Telemetry - regarding Aeronautical and Space products and services - hardware, software, dedicated systems, engineering. Also acting as a consultant for the segments of oil & gas, renewable energy ( ethanol , methanol). SETEX has also been working in projects for satellite telecommunication companies, since 1990.

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  2. Setex

    The Company

    Founded in 1983. Initial 6 years were focused in engineering and consultancy in Energy.

    Since 1990 working in Telecommunication & Telemetry Areas.

    As well as working in Satellite Communication and Telemetry - regarding Aeronautical and Space products and services – hardware , software , dedicated systems engineering.

    SETEX provides solutions and develops opportunities to foreign and local companies in special for new technologies national content inclusion.

    Company background staff is formed of senior engineers in Satellite and Ground Telecommunication, Satellite Antenna Systems - TTC, Remote Sensing, Flight Test Trackers. And in Meteorological small size Antenna Systems. As well as in Telemetry Airborne and Ground Data Acquisition Systems. And in Oil & Gas Equipment.

  3. Setex

    Main Contracts



    Turnkey projects of supply of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 meters antennas, services of installation, test, training, preventive and corrective maintenance for EMBRATEL, CPQD TELEBRAS, COPPE, DEPV.

    1990 until now


    Supply of equipment and services to EMBRAER and DCTA.

    TT&C and remote sensing satellite antenna systems and wheather ground stations:

    Supply of around 20 systems, peripheral equipment and turnkey services to INPE, DCTA and EMBRAER.


    On board and ground transmitters and receivers, for aeronautical and space uses - many customers.

    OIL & GAS

    Twenty years of work on projects inside Petrobras and other Oil & Gas and Petrochemical companies.


    Consultant marketing , business improvement (for equipment and services) for Governmental, local and foreign companies.

  4. Setex

    Main Partners and Represented Lines of Product



    Viasat Antennas Division - Atlanta GA - USA Viasat has over 50 years of antenna and ground station design , fabrication , test and installation experience. SETEX since 25 years has been the exclusive representative for Viasat for Remote Sensing Systems, TT&C Systems. Remote Sensing TT&C

    Viasat Tactical Datalink Systems

    Viasat Integrated Satcom Sytems
    (O3 B Gateway & Remote Terminal)
    SETEX work as exclusive representative in PETROBRAS

    OIL & GAS

    Equipment for processing, treatment and transportation. Apollo Fraser Borsig


    Equipment for energy generation. Zorya Fraser Loesche

  5. Setex


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    • Air & Space Division São José dos Campos – SP - Brazil

      Sergio Vale / Lucia Castro
      Email: sergiovale@setex.com.br / luciacastro@setex.com.br
      Phone: +55 (12) 3917.1267           FAX: +55 (12) 3341.3755
      Mobile: +55 (12) 9745.3656
      Skype: Lucia_Castro_Souza
    • Energy, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Division Rio de Janeiro – RJ - Brazil

      Ronaldo de Magalhaes Castro
      Email: ronaldocastro@setex.com.br
      Phone: +55 (21) 3507.2985
      Mobile: +55 (21) 9962.5278
      Skype: ronaldo.castro
    • Telecommunication Equipment and Services Through a partner company

      Atlas Sistemas de Comunicaciones SA.
      Cristian Passalacqua
      Email: cristianp@atlas-sistemas.com
      Phone: +55 (11) 3583.0042 / 3230.6718 / 3230.7426